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As many of the health facilities remained under water for some months it was decided to convert an abandoned prison rehabilitation centre into a Rural Health Unit with a maternity unit.

This weekend I took part in the Virgin Active London Triathlon. I have been harbouring ambition to do a triathlon for a few years now however the terrible illness of ‘laziness’ kept taking over. 

In this job, you often go through situations which make you think twice about what you’re doing there! But when people ask me what my most memorable moment has been, it’s not about the danger or the hardship...

Vanessa Brewster completed the Virgin London Marathon in April this year. It was the 116th time she ran a marathon. A dedicated and bubbly character, Vanessa supported Merlin this year. 

As business leaders, scientists and governments gather in London this weekend hoping to tackle undernutrition across the world, here’s a story of how Merlin is helping communities defeat it for the long term.

All consuming 45 degree dry heat and the familiar sound of spoken French welcomed us to N'Djamena - my first experience of Chad.

International Day of the Midwife 2013 is on Sunday May 5. Take a glimpse into the life of Nabila from Afghanistan. She's made her childhood dream of becoming a midwife a reality. Every day she is saving lives.

There’s an epidemic of measles in Swansea. Sadly, one man has lost his life. This is terribly sad. And it made me think about the work that Merlin is doing.

Solar-powered lighting is changing the way Merlin’s clinics work. We now have solar-powered lighting installed in 27 health posts. By putting light into clinics, they can operate longer and see more patients. 

It’s been lurking as an ambition for as long as I can remember. An annual fixture of my childhood, being glued to the telly, marvelling at the swarms of runners parading past London landmarks