Two years after the flooding in Pakistan, let's meet some of the people you've helped.

Our struggle against malaria - in focus.

Family planning in Pakistan

Two years since Pakistan was struck by the worst flooding in 60 years, the country is struggling to get back on its feet.

Muzaffargarh District, Pakistan. In July 2010, the Pakistan government had just finished construction of the Daira Wadhu Health Centre. Then disaster strikes, as monsoon floods devastate whole areas of Pakistan.

Doctor Sadaf ventures where most trained doctors wouldn’t go and brings hope to hundred of women in Pakistan.

The Philippines was struck by flash flooding following the tropical storm that swept across country between 13 and 19 December last year. Merlin is partnering with Filipino charities on the ground to help people affected by the flooding.

The Sindh area of Pakistan has been hit by severe flooding for the second year running.

One year after the monsoon flooding that devastated Pakistan in July 2010, Merlin is still working tirelessly to meet the many health challenges faced by the Pakistani people.

Merlin has worked in Pakistan since 2005, so was ideally placed to respond rapidly and effectively to outbreaks of waterborne disease in the areas of Pakistan hardest hit by the flooding in July last year.

Two years since severe flooding devastated Pakistan, people are struggling to rebuild their lives and health care is scarce.


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