Merlin has been working in Pakistan since 2005, helping deliver health care to vulnerable groups.

In July 2010, Pakistan suffered the worst flooding in the country’s history. As heavy monsoon rains fell, over 2,000 people were killed and another 20 million people directly affected, with 1.6 million homes damaged or destroyed.

Merlin's work in Pakistan has saved countless lives since the flooding in July 2010.

Murad Ali Khan is a Merlin Health Co-ordinator. He tells us about life in Swat, Pakistan.

The Sindh area of Pakistan has been hit by severe flooding for the second year running.

One year after the monsoon flooding that devastated Pakistan in July 2010, Merlin is still working tirelessly to meet the many health challenges faced by the Pakistani people.

Merlin has worked in Pakistan since 2005, so was ideally placed to respond rapidly and effectively to outbreaks of waterborne disease in the areas of Pakistan hardest hit by the flooding in July last year.

Two years since severe flooding devastated Pakistan, people are struggling to rebuild their lives and health care is scarce.

A year since the most devastating floods in Pakistan's history, thousands of people are still struggling to rebuild their lives and malnutrition rates remain critical.

Last year’s floods were a human tragedy on a vast scale. Disease outbreaks, malnutrition and lack of shelter led to serious health problems, requiring urgent action. More than a million homes were destroyed, 2000 people lost their lives and vital fields and livestock were swept away.


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