We've been in the Central African Republic since 2007 providing people with the healthcare they need, addressing the shortage of health workers and working with the Ministry of Health to strengthen the country's fragile health system.

The world has enough food for everyone, but an estimated 925 million people face hunger and malnutrition each year. These facts explore the risks posed by malnutrition and how they can be avoided.

One year since the food crisis hit east Africa, Merlin is still working tirelessly to save lives and help those in need. Meet some of the children that Merlin has treated in Turkana, Kenya -  one of the worst affected regions - over the past year.

To mark World Immunization Week, we're highlighting the life-saving work we do on vaccination and immunisation around the world.

See what we do in Liberia.

See what we do in the Philippines.

See what we do in Libya.

See what we do in Myanmar.

See what we do in Nepal.

See what we do in Pakistan.


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