Why does Ethiopia need aid?

Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country, and is also one of the poorest. Over 80% of the population lives below the poverty line with limited access to clean water, sanitation, health care and education. In July 2011 the worst drought in over half a century hit parts of Ethiopia. Millions of Ethiopians are in need of emergency food relief with thousands of children under five at risk of acute malnutrition.

How is Merlin helping?

  • We’ve been working in Ethiopia since 2003, expanding our efforts in the wake of the drought that hit the country in 2011.
  • We are aiming to increase the number of births under expert supervision from 36% to 70%, recruiting and training 450 midwives in Somali region of Ethiopia by 2015.
  • We are building the capacity of the Ministry of Health staff by increasing the numbers of trained health workers in the country.
  • We’re providing nutrition and immunisation services targeting the most vulnerable - children under 5 and pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.
  • We’re supporting static and mobile clinics that deliver vital health care to highly vulnerable nomadic populations.
  • We provide immunisation programmes for under-5s through outreach and mobile clinics across the country.
  • We’re improving infrastructure by building wells, latrines and rainwater harvesting systems.



The East Africa Food Crisis:

East Africa is in the middle of a silent emergency. In mid-July 2011 the entire east Africa region of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya was struck by a severe drought - the worst in 60 years. The lack of rain led to crop failure and a widespread loss of livestock, which caused food prices to rise and millions of small farmers to lose their livelihoods. Lack of food has pushed whole communities to the brink of starvation, giving rise to severe malnutrition, which can in turn lead to a decreased immunity to common diseases.

Merlin is operating mobile clinics throughout areas of Ethiopia affected by the drought, as well as treating the growing number of refugees from neighboring Somalia fleeing the famine in their own country. Working alongside the Ethiopian government, Merlin is carrying out comprehensive nutrition programmes, primary healthcare, immunization programs and reproductive health work.

How can you help?

When you make a donation to Merlin, you’ll be helping some of the poorest people on earth get the vital medical care they need to survive, and the services they need to thrive.

We will be there for the long haul, delivering medical expertise in one of the world’s toughest places. Please donate now to make a difference and save lives.