Our Mission


Our mission is to end the needless loss of life in the poorest countries caused by a lack of effective health care. We help communities set up medical services for the long term including hospitals, clinics, surgeries and training for nurses and other health workers.

We do whatever it takes and we stay for as long as it takes. But we couldn't do any of this without the passion and commitment of our supporters backing us all the way.

How Merlin is different

Just like Merlin, there are many organisations ready to respond to humanitarian disasters around the world. But not all of them stay for the long term. Merlin recognises that at this point a country's problems are only just beginning. That's why Merlin is different: we stay to help rebuild the health infrastructure, and we stay for as long as it takes.

Empowering communities

We don't want to help countries simply survive, we want them to thrive. To make that happen we have to involve communities: that means staying put, training health workers and educating the local population about better medical care. Our policy work is vital too: informing, inspiring and influencing decision makers has real impact on the frontline.

People not politics

When we get on a plane to help a country struck by disaster, we leave our political and religious allegiances at home. We don't point fingers, and we don't lay blame: what's most important to us is what we can do to help vulnerable people today and in the future.

Money well spent

When a supporter entrusts us with a donation, we believe it's important to be efficient. That way, we can devote more funds to where you want them to be spent - saving lives.  On average, 96p pf every £1 spent goes directly to our field operations.