Strategy & finance



Merlin's mission is to reduce the needless loss of life in fragile contexts caused by a lack of effective health care. 

Our current strategy for 2012-2015 focuses our work around Response, Recovery and Resilience. By 2015 we want to have directly reached at least 15 million people.

Our 2012 – 2015 strategy outlines key activities such as health service delivery, reproductive and child health, disease control and nutrition, we will undertake to increase access to health for people in acute and chronic crisis. The summary version includes the global outcomes we aim to achieve by 2015. Our strategy is also available in French and Arabic.


On average only 4p of every £1 Merlin spends goes on management, governance and fundraising, with 96p of every £1 spent going directly on our field operations. Like any other organisation we do have management and administration costs.

Where and on what we spend our money

In 2013 we spent £62.6 million on our activities in 17 countries around the world from Afghanistan to Yemen. Our work ranged from addressing the health needs of internally displaced people in Central African Republic (CAR), to training community health workers in Kenya, to responding to the immediate medical needs of children and their families following typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  You can find out more about our work and our finances in the 2013 Annual Report and Accounts.

How we raise our money

Individuals and institutions provide us with our funding. Given the need for health in some of the world’s toughest places, we are always looking for more and new sources of funding so that we can continue to respond to the greatest need.


Big Yellow Self Storage is supporting Merlin by donating 100 sq ft of storage space a year. With this valuable space, Merlin is able to store life-saving medical equipment and supplies used for emergency response and ensure these resources are ready to be dispatched when disaster strikes.