Together, a force for health

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Merlin Impact

  • 6.5m people treated
  • 202,036 children vaccinated
  • Helping in 18 Countries
  • 1,136 health facilities supported
  • over 4, 500 health workers

What We Do

Merlin has now become a part of Save the Children

By combining Merlin’s experienced network of medical experts on the frontline with Save the Children’s life-saving work in over 120 countries, more children and families in some of the toughest places in the world will be reached. Many of you have asked us what this means.

And while the final details are yet to be confirmed, our vision is to create a world-class humanitarian health force, by combining our expertise and increasing our reach and impact.


Joining forces means that more lives will be saved by increasing the health and nutrition work that we do around the world. In just two years, working together means we will reach seven million more people (up by 30%) and increase the number of our frontline health workers by 20%.

We will expand our reproductive health and maternal and newborn health programmes, as well as our infant and young child feeding programmes. This means your support will save even more children like baby Asha.

We will be able to respond even quicker to emergencies around the world – delivering emergency health care to people who need it immediately, including specialised surgical teams in large-scale natural disasters. This means more surgeons like Richard Villar, saving life and limb in times of catastrophe.

And Merlin’s expertise in health and nutrition work will be introduced in up to 60 countries, including the 18 countries we already work in.

When emergency strikes, Merlin make sure we're on hand as soon as possible to provide life saving medical treatment, from primary health care to surgery.
Every minute, at least one woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. We hope to banish that statistic by providing expectant women with the care they need.
Each year vaccinations prevent millions of needless deaths, and we're helping to save many more lives with our immunisation programmes around the world.
Malnutrition and hunger related diseases kill millions of children worldwide each year. Merlin combats starvation by providing emergency nutrition to the most vulnerable.
Merlin helps tackle and prevent disease in some of the toughest places in the world – the burden of disease on the health infrastructures in these countries is enormous.
In many of the countries we work in, limited health care resources often mean mental health care is overlooked - Merlin aims to change that by putting it back in the spotlight.